First the basics…


AGE: – Haha! Didn’t your mama tell you not to ever ask a woman her age? Let’s just say I’m old enough to enjoy how horny I am, and I think we can all agree I’m one HOT MILF.

BIRTHDAY: October 31. Scorpio, Baby!

LOCATION: Jackson, MS. What’s in Jackson, you ask? Not much, except me… Did I mention how much I LOVE traveling?

HEIGHT:  5’6” although I loooooove to wear 4-5” heels. 

MEASUREMENTS: 38I (GG)-28-37. Yep, those boobs are store bought. I have 1650cc enhanced breasts and a perfect hourglass figure.   

EYE COLOR: Dark blue to the point that I’ve been asked if I wear colored contacts.

HAIR COLOR: Naturally ash blond, but I keep it auburn mostly (although I’ve been known to rock pink hair from time to time –>). 

BARE OR BUSHY? Bare of course! I’m shaved and pierced (labia).

DRESS SIZE:  Medium (size 8) although the boobs make buying off the rack next to impossible these days. I do love tight skimpy dresses that show off my toned body and great legs.

SHOE SIZE: 8 – 8.5 depending on the shoe.

BRA SIZE: 38G (UK size – I simply can’t find sexy enough bras for an GG/I cup here in the US so all my lingerie comes from the UK)



Now For the personal stuff…

MARRIED? – Absolutely! My Darling Dante is my agent, producer, editor,  personal trainer, occasional stunt cock… And general fuckbuddy and partner in crime. 

WOULD I SHOOT WITH FANS? – Interesting question… Hit me up with a custom request and we’ll talk.

FAVORITE FOOD: I love food but if you really want to get in my good graces, take me out to a really good sushi restaurant with a nice sake list. 

FAVORITE MUSIC: I love most kinds – everything from BB King to the
B-52s,  Rachmaninoff to Rammstein, and pretty much everything in between. You can find me equally comfortable dancing at a club in a miniskirt to some sick beats from a good DJ, or wearing a full evening gown while watching a performance of Carmen. 

HOBBIES:  Besides SEX and more SEX? I love people watching, Especially when I’m wearing something skimpy that attracts attention! I also love love love yoga – so much in fact that I teach it.   

FAVORITE COLOR: I like them all, although I’m not a huge fan of pastels! On me, I stick to jewel tones – a nice wine red or plum are colors I gravitate towards, although any oversaturated color turns me on. 

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Pansexual. I love men and women, but it’s really people’s personalities that turn me on! I’ve been in the swinging lifestyle as well as the BDSM scene so I absolutely LOVE SEX and especially enjoy a bit of kink on the side…

FAVORITE SEXUAL POSITION: Do I only get to pick one? I’m a yoga instructor… there’s never just one position… LOL!

Want to send me an email? Order a custom video? Send me an email to miranda at miranda dot com.

If you want to send me some skimpy panties or toys to shoot with, My Amazon wishlist is:


“…A laugh like liquid sex…”